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Dallas, Texas Business Law Attorneys

Companies We Partner With 

We work with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries.  We have worked with hundreds of businesses including:

  • Restaurants
  • Construction companies
  • Tire companies
  • Sign manufacturers
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Investment companies
  • Law firms (yes, other law firms have hired us for their counsel)
  • Financial services professionals
  • And more

We ensure you always understand the legal implications of your business opportunities and have the up-to-date information necessary to make informed decisions. Having a dedicated council for your business is one of the best ways to mitigate risk without the steep cost of in-house lawyers.

Why Hire Dedicated Counsel Instead of Working with a Business Attorney on an ad hoc Basis? 

 Hiring outside general counsel isn’t necessary for all businesses. Many smaller companies can get by working with a business lawyer on an as-needed basis. But, if your business operates in a an industry where you are constantly finding yourself facing complicated legal issues, or if your business relies heavily on contracts, it is likely your company would benefit from a dedicated outside general counsel. If this is an option you want to consider, we are happy to sit down with you to see if it makes sense for your business.

Why Parvin Law Group, P.C.? 

In addition to co-founding the Dallas, TX law firm of Parvin Law Group, P.C., business law attorney Chris Parvin is an entreprenuer and owner of several other businesses. Because of that experience, he can relate to the pressures that business owners face on a daily basis, and he uses his unique combination of business and legal experience to provide practical, results-oriented, and cost-effective solutions for his clients. Whether you are starting a new venture and need a business law lawyer who knows all of the ins and outs of forming a successful business, or if you need an aggressive litigator who can protect your company’s interests in a complex commercial dispute, our experience is your competitive advantage.

For new and established business owners in Dallas, Parvin Law Group, P.C. offers:

  • A team of experienced business lawyers and skilled legal professionals.
  • personalized approach that focuses on finding efficient and cost-saving solutions to clients’ unique legal needs.
  • The resources needed to effectively represent clients in complex commercial litigation.
  • An unwavering commitment to being there for our clients when and where they need us.
  • Free initial consultations and flexible fee options designed with business owners’ needs in mind.

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Many large companies have the benefit of a team of in-house lawyers to draft contracts, review agreements, and ensure legal requirements are adequately respected. Give your business the benefit of an experienced team of business law attorneys who can provide you with fast, cost-friendly service when you need it. Our firm is the corporate counsel of choice for many Texas small and mid-sized businesses and can assist yours without the high cost or inefficiency of a large law firm.