Business Disputes & Litigation


Dallas, Texas Business Law Attorneys

Whether your business is big or small, occasionally, disputes happen. While some parties can resolve business disputes informally and without the assistance of attorneys, most of the time litigation is necessary to resolve disputes to a business’s satisfaction. 

In general terms, business litigation includes any court proceeding in which a business transaction or the parties’ legal relationship is at issue.  When disputes arise between businesses, or between businesses and individuals, the legal issues raised can be more complicated than at first glance.  Since these disputes can affect daily operations for a business or target valuable business assets or resources, it’s highly advisable for anyone who is a party to a lawsuit to retain legal counsel for protection purposes.

Frequently, we help family businesses and small and mid-size businesses in legal proceedings in an effort to prevent competitors or others from unfairly taking advantage through illegal and unfair business practices.  Our business litigation practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients.

The business litigation lawyers at Parvin Law Group, P.C., have worked with countless businesses and business owners to safeguard their legal rights and ensure they don’t fall victim to frivolous claims. Parvin Law Group, P.C. has handled lawsuits in state and federal courts on matters including:

Breach of Contract or Contract Disputes: Contracts are the heart of business transactions. When they’re violated the abusing party should be held accountable under the law. Parvin Law Group, P.C. can help you and your business prevent or mitigate any resulting damage from a breach of contract if a partner, vendor, or third party has violated contract terms. 

Business Fraud: Fraud can ruin a business. Whether the fraud was committed by employees, contractors, or competitors, it hurts profits and can destroy the credibility of a business. Parvin Law Group, P.C. helps clients stop fraud, obtain compensation, and get their business back on track. 

Collections and Creditor’s Rights: Protecting creditor’s rights, including litigation in probate court.

Real Estate Litigation: If you have claims of misrepresentation, assertion of failure to fulfill contractual obligations and contractor problems, Parvin Law Group, P.C. can help.

Trade Secret Violation: When your trade secrets are obtained and used through wrongful means, we can help secure injunctive relief to stop the use of confidential information, and establish civil liability for damages. Trade secret cases generally play out in multiple phases: 

  • Lawsuit and temporary restraining order 
  • Preliminary injunction 
  • Litigation, or arbitration, for a recovery of damages 
  • Permanent injunction  

Tortious Interference: Tortious interference claims arise when a party unlawfully interferes with an existing contract or prospective business relations. Both cases can result in a lost business deal, rejected bid, or canceled contract that otherwise would not have happened. Such losses can result in thousands, millions, or even billions of lost revenue. If you find yourself in a situation where a contract is unilaterally terminated without any warning, you may be in a tortious interference situation. Our business law attorneys have advised and successfully litigated a number of tortious interference claims. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

We Negotiate, Mediate, or Litigate.

Although our trial lawyers are at home and comfortable in the courtroom, sometimes the most expedient and lowest-exposure way of dealing with a claim is to work with the other party to find a negotiated settlement. Finding the best resolution for our clients can involve a variety of strategies, including both litigation and a strategy to work with opposing parties to find a resolution that everyone can live with and which can resolve the claim quickly. Our team includes veteran litigators, experienced mediators, and lawyers who routinely negotiate cases to a positive result for our clients.

If you or your company is facing a claim, or if you need to make a claim against another party, contact us today.

We are experienced in litigation big and small, including complex matters involving multiple parties in commercial litigation. Firm litigation clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and professionals (attorneys, physicians, and business owners).