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The number of small businesses has doubled since the 1980s.

Take action to ensure your business is protected against threats.

Being an entrepreneur takes plenty of time, hard work, and dedication. With the number of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) multiplying, our Texas business law attorneys work aimlessly to safeguard your legacy.


What is Business Law?

Business Law, also referred to as mercantile or commercial law, deals with the various aspects of doing business. This type of law regulates two main areas: commercial entities and the transactions taking place. Whether you own a small startup looking to establish a secure foundation, or you’re part of an established company aiming to protect what you’ve established, our team is here to defend what matters most to you.

Business law focuses on organizations and the individuals involved. Companies in all industries rely on legalities in business for guidance through every stage of operations, from the creation of a new business to issues that arise during everyday business.

When businesses or business owners engage with customers, interact with other vendors, or strive to comply with government regulations, having professional legal guidance is always beneficial. Our team has served countless Texas companies and corporations ranging in size. Parvin Law Group P.C. offers assistance in these specific areas of business law:


Formation Law


Formation law deals with laws businesses must comply with to be incorporated and recognized as official business by law. This requires filling out the proper documents and meeting necessary requirements to ensure your business is compliant and adequately classified according to how you will operate.

Entity formation is a significant part of legal action that any business owner should consider when officially establishing their company. There are numerous options for establishing your business as a proprietorship, partnership, company, or corporation. Whichever option suits your operations best will affect required taxes, management formation, as well as specific state and federal rules and guidelines that must be met.

Our attorneys will work with you to determine which route is most beneficial for your business and ensure your entity is set up with all the necessary documentation, including a partnership, shareholder, or operating agreement. From individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, our team has set up companies of various backgrounds and sizes. Trust our experienced business attorneys to advise you on taxes, funding, transferability, and additional considerations involved when setting up your business for success.


Contracts – Laws and Negotiations


Contract Law involves creating, implementing, and all other processes dealing with contracts between businesses. Business contract law is utilized to ensure agreements between companies, businesses, and groups are facilitated in a clear and concise manner. By drafting crucial documents to protect or outline business agreements and arrangements, a knowledgeable attorney can help ensure all company agreements are secure and all documents are concise.

Since companies strongly rely on contracts, agreements, and negotiations, it’s essential to trust a Dallas, Texas law firm capable of drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, and revising contracts. Our team of skilled attorneys can work with you to ensure all needs and wants between parties are met, and agreements are formed in a timely manner.

Instead of investing in your own in-house counsel, rely on Parvin Law Group to serve as your source of security in ensuring all contracts are drafted accurately and negotiations are handled professionally.


Business Disputes & Lawsuits


Business operations can involve stressful or high-stake situations. Tension can arise between other companies, partners, customers, or shareholders, which can be inevitable when money and livelihoods are on the line. Business disputes occur when disagreements arise regarding business matters or a business itself. There are various claims and issues that can lead to conflict between clients or companies.

A lawsuit is a type of legal action filed against a person or party when business disputes occur. If your business is involved in a lawsuit, turning to a team of experienced attorneys can help ensure daily operations continue until a resolution is reached. Whether you’ve been served papers, or you believe filing a lawsuit is necessary, our team is ready to safeguard what matters.

From complex situations to minor claims, our business lawyers can suggest the most optimal way of approaching any legal situation. Oftentimes, business disputes may be resolved without resorting to business litigation. Once we evaluate your situation, our team can strategize an effective and efficient way to reach peace. If the resolution requires negotiations with the other parties, mediating to de-escalate an issue or commercial litigation in the courtroom, our team is dedicated to protecting your business and your rights.


A Strong Business Foundation is Built by Laws

Regardless of how your company is established, the industry you thrive in, or the size of your establishment, all businesses are required to abide by important laws and guidelines. The entire lifespan of a business relies on legal regulations to provide structure and stability. Protect everything you have worked for and invested in: schedule a consultation with our team to create a rock-solid strategy to ensure your business succeeds.

Trusting experienced attorneys with business law-related matters adds an additional layer of protection to all that you’ve worked for. We’ve represented small startups and Fortune 500 companies in various industries. For more information, fill out our form.

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