Business Litigation


Dallas, Texas Litigation Law Attorneys

Disputes are inevitable in any industry, whether you are providing professional services or manufacturing products for the marketplace.  While some parties can resolve business disputes informally and without assistance of attorneys, most of the time litigation is necessary to resolve dispute to a business’s satisfaction. 

In general terms, business litigation includes any court proceeding in which a business transaction, or the parties’ legal relationship is at issue.  When disputes arise between businesses, or between businesses and individuals, the legal issues raised can be more complicated than at first glance.  Since these disputes can affect daily operations for a business or target valuable business assets or resources, it’s highly advisable for anyone who is a party to a lawsuit to retain legal counsel for protection purposes.

The Parvin Law Group’s business litigation attorneys are dedicated to resolving business issues for clients in cases involving a wide array of legal theories including: breach of contract, ownership disputes, deceptive trade practice claims, and fraud claims.  Frequently, we help family businesses and small and mid-size businesses in legal proceedings in an effort to prevent competitors or others from unfairly taking advantage through illegal and unfair business practices.  Our business litigation practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients.

We are experienced in litigation big and small, including complex matters involving multiple parties in commercial litigation. Firm litigation clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and professionals (attorneys, physicians, and business owners).