Business Transaction Law

Dallas Contract Lawyers: Drafting & Review

Occasionally, every business needs the help of an experienced business lawyer who can review contracts, negotiate terms and draft agreements. Our lawyers have extensive experience and have assisted clients in a variety of industries and professions with drafting and executing business contracts that keep their companies moving forward.

Common contract problems that can lead to lawsuits:

  • Questions whether a party to the contract understood the terms of the agreement;
  • Vague or unclear terms or provisions in the contract;
  • A lack of mutual obligations or rights (in other words, one party has no obligation to pay or right to get a service or item);
  • Inadequate provisions regarding either party‚Äôs representation regarding the condition of the goods being sold or specific types of services to be provided (or not provided).

Warning: Many contracts MUST be in writing in order to be valid and enforceable. You should contact an experienced business contract attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

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