Consumer Protection Litigation


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Texas law mandates honesty and forthrightness in consumer transactions. Whether you are a merchant or consumer, you have to follow the law. In Texas, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act is just one piece of the puzzle imposing legal duties on Texas merchants. Failure of a merchant to properly disclose information related to a product or efforts to cause confusion to the customer can result in the imposition of significant legal penalties. The attorneys at the Parvin Law Group are very experienced in consumer-protection law and can help merchants or consumers alike.

Key issues on consumer protection matters are likely what someone has advertised to the public, and what documents or contract are prepared and executed by each side to determine the actual status and relationship of the parties to one another. 

At the Parvin Law Group, our team has represented consumers and businesses on both sides of the issues and know the playbook for each side. Call Parvin Law Group today for a fee consultation with our Team and an explanation of how we can aggressively fight for your rights.

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