Guardianship Litigation


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Occasionally, when a Guardianship has been established to care for an incapacitated adult (known as a “Ward”) disagreements arise regarding the guardian’s actions or care of the Ward. In those cases, litigation frequently arises in the context of a guardianship case in Texas.

Frequently, Litigation in guardianship cases typically results from a few key issues:

  • Who is the most appropriate person to serve as guardian;
  • Has someone appointed as guardian failed to adequately care for the Ward;
  • Is the guardian mis-using, embezzling, or otherwise mishandling the Ward’s assets.

Because of the very personal nature of guardianship cases, guardianship litigation is always filled with emotions and usually very difficult for family members.  Additionally, the real purpose of the guardianship, to take care of the ward’s best interests, can be forgotten as the family fights over who should be allowed to be guardian.

At the Parvin Law Group, our team focuses on aggressive, cutting-edge litigation that keeps you and the Ward at the heart of every action we take. If you or a loved one finds yourself in need of a guardianship attorney, please contact our team, who has experience in guardianship law.  We would be glad to assist you.

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