business2Being successful in business is pretty easy. You just come up with a sound business model, corner the market and sell your goods or services to people who need them at an alarmingly fast rate. You must be singularly focused on your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no breaks. There are no vacations. There is no crying in business. You must be a business ninja, leaping through the marketplace in your ninja costume.

Okay, obviously, the statements above are made in jest, for your amusement. I don’t know how to be successful in business. It’s one of the most deceptively simple (and yet complex) questions there is. In business, everything can affect your success. Without question, though, your long-term success can be squarely dependent upon your willingness to meet legal and regulatory standards. You need a lawyer to help you with this.

Where might you need good legal counsel in Business? Here are just a few places.

Set up and review of limited liability entities (like Limited Liability Companies);

Review and advocacy in contractual agreements;

Drafting of Lease or Real Property Purchase Agreements;


Employment Issues;

Tax Issues;

Buy / Sell Agreements;

Etc, etc., etc.

While we can’t necessarily give you the magic recipe for being successful in any business, we can certainly help you with one of the most important areas of your business – your strategy to remain legally compliant and safe.

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