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What Is Litigation?

Litigation is the legal process for handling, challenging, and resolving disputes. When a dispute arises, the litigation process may begin, which means opposing parties working towards enforcing or defending a legal right, often through court action. During the litigation process, a settlement can be met when both parties agree to a resolution. Settlements can happen at any time during the legal process – before a lawsuit is filed, by settling before court actions begin, or even during trial proceedings. Resolving your litigation case might be a short process where a demand letter is quickly agreed to or a lengthy, extensive process if appeals are made and the trial is extended.


Parvin Law Group is experienced in reaching favorable results through various methods, including negotiation, settlement, mediation, and trial. No matter what type of case you’re experiencing, we aim to keep our clients informed and involved in every step of the litigation process.


Types of Litigation


There are several types of litigation cases. Disputes can arise during many situations and scenarios, but most cases fall into three main areas: civil litigation, criminal litigation, and commercial litigation. Our Dallas-based attorneys can guide you through these specific types of litigation:

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No matter which side you’re on, hiring the right attorney to represent or defend your case can help ensure the most optimal results. Our attorneys can often de-escalate the dispute, saving time and expenses. Whether you’re looking to file a lawsuit or you’re being sued by another party, the experienced litigators at Parvin Law Group P.C. are ready to assist in providing the most favorable results.

Parvin Law Group is experienced in litigation big and small- including complex matters involving multiple parties in commercial litigation. Looking to resolve conflict or reduce damages? Contact our team today.

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Parvin Law Group’s litigators are dedicated to resolving issues and protecting clients in cases involving a wide array of legal theories. Visit our additional Litigation pages to learn more.

Steps in Litigation

The process and procedures involved in litigation might seem intricate or complicated. Steps may vary depending on the type of case, the complexity of the legal issue, and at which point the parties resolve the dispute. Navigating these stages with the help of an experienced litigation attorney can help you better understand the processes involved. The main steps in litigation include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-Trial
  • Trial
  • Settlement
  • Appeal


The first step in starting this process is scheduling a consultation with our attorneys. Our team will gather additional details to ensure we have an understanding of what you are facing. After an initial consultation with our attorneys, we will evaluate your case and determine the best approach to protecting your interests.