Payment Options

Flexible Payment Solutions for Dallas, Texas Attorneys

Payment Options


At Parvin Law Group, we know trusting an attorney with your legal matter is an investment. Choosing the right Texas law firm or lawyer for your specific needs is the first step towards relief or resolution. That’s why we offer multiple payment options to help you reach peace in a timely manner.

When going through situations requiring legal guidance, you might face grief, trauma, or distress from the current circumstances. We offer flexible and affordable payment options to ease burdens and ensure the most critical aspects of life are protected and preserved. Don’t cut costs and settle for cheaper alternatives that might cost you extra time and money. Contact the team at Parvin Law Group to explore our payment options. 

We offer various options to assist in hiring our trusted legal team.

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Understanding Legal Fees

Some terms and payment processes might be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with legal services and fees.
Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions when hiring an attorney.

The Dallas, Texas lawyers at Parvin Law Group have hourly rates according to their experience, legal distinction, and tenure. Our attorneys, paralegals, and supporting staff take a team approach to ensure your time (and money!) are genuinely valued. We provide a concise breakdown of fees and rates once clients choose us for legal representation. 

The team at Parvin Law Group values your trust in our firm, and we are here to help with your legal needs. Please let our team know if you are more comfortable with payment plans or flexible financing, and we will provide options and additional information.

A retainer is an upfront deposit to begin work on your legal matter. This gives our team the flexibility to dedicate time to your legal situation without delay. Once paid, the retainer is placed into a trust account and used to pay for legal fees and attorney’s expenses related to a client’s matter.

Sometimes a legal matter is quick and concise- if your issue requires minimal hours and fees, we will return the remaining retainer balance to you. However, if your retainer drops below a certain amount, it is your responsibility to replenish funds in order to continue services. Most cases will require a retainer to begin work.

Parvin Law Group accepts all traditional forms of payment, such as debit cards, credit cards, and eCheck payments. Our firm processes payments online through LawPay- a secure online portal for quick and easy remittance.