PLG Payment Plans 

Flexible Payment Options to Ensure Legal Peace.

Legal Payment Plans

Did you know?
 53% of Americans would struggle to cover any unexpected emergency expense.

While some clients may keep savings or rainy-day funds for emergencies, many do not. The unexpected loss of a loved one or your business being served papers might come as a shock- that’s why Parvin Law Group P.C. is happy to provide flexible payment options to those seeking legal guidance. 


No matter your legal matter, our staff is happy to help. With PLG Payment Plans, our team works to accommodate if you feel more comfortable paying in recurring installments or prefer dividing your legal fees into payments. We can even schedule automatic payments on a credit or debit card to save you time and stress. 


Our Dallas, Texas law firm offers flexible payment plans that are convenient and comfortable- so we can work together on reaching peace. If you would like more information on in-office payment options, let us know in advance so we may assist in setting up a payment schedule that works for you. 

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