Power of Attorney Litigation


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In Texas, a Power of Attorney (more commonly referred to as a “POA”) is a legal document which allows a person to appoint someone else to make important decisions for them (which can either be for convenience purposes or in the event of incapacity). A person who signs a power of attorney is commonly referred to as the “principal” while the person or entity acting on the principal’s behalf is referred to as an “agent.” 

Common reasons why someone may appoint an agent to act on their behalf may include illness, serious accidents, or absence due to travel.  A Power of Attorney can grant broad power to an agent unless the responsibilities of the agent are narrowly tailored and clearly spelled out in the document itself.  Depending on the needs of the principal, the agent could have authority to handle all financial and business transaction as well as making medical or healthcare decisions.

Occasionally, agents acting under a Power of Attorney make bad decisions or are accused of mishandling the principal’s assets. In such cases, the attorneys at the Parvin Law Group stand ready to help. Our team can help both principals and agents decipher what actions have been taken and how you should move forward regardless of your position.

Potential signs of Power of Attorney Abuse:

  • Agent acting contrary to stated instructions from principal;
  • Abrupt and inexplicable changes in the financial state of the principal;
  • Abrupt and inexplicable changes in the agent’s current lifestyle;
  • Attempts by the agent to limit access to the principal, records, or information.

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