Probate Litigation

Dallas Probate Litigation

The time following the death of a loved one is difficult. Sensitive issues and interpersonal conflicts that were unresolved during life may come to the fore when an estate enters probate.

  • Do you have reason to suspect the validity of a Will, or whether the person who signed the Will was of sound mind?
  • Does a Will, a deed or other estate document look suspicious?
  • Do you believe a family member, a friend, a church or charity exercised undue influence over a vulnerable elder?
  • Is money missing from an estate, or other valuables? Do you suspect that the executor or a caregiver took possession of or improperly disposed of that asset?
  • Are you concerned about the validity of some creditors claims against the estate? Do you suspect some debts have been exaggerated?

Questions like these often end up in litigation in probate courts.

While no one wants to go to court, it may be necessary if you want access to financial records or force testimony from an unwilling family member or estate representative. Probate litigation will secure a judge’s decision on the matter and ensure a level playing field.

If you need legal help to bring a claim to court, contact Dallas probate attorney Christopher Parvin. Chris has extensive experience handling probate litigation of various types in both state and federal courts.

Trust Litigation

Has a named Trustee died prior to the decedent so now a new Trustee must be appointed? Are there concerns that a Trustee is making poor decisions about the investment of the Trust assets, resulting in a financial loss? Are the beneficiaries of the Trust having difficulties receiving payment or information about the Trust? These and other problems can be resolved in Trust litigation, with the help of a skillful lawyer.

Guardianship Litigation

Chris represents the interests of families and wards in probate court regarding guardianship matters:

  • Understanding whether guardianship is needed
  • Who should serve as a guardian
  • Whether a guardian has acted properly in executing his/her responsibilities
  • How money has been being spent by the guardian
  • Whether the person under guardianship is being well cared for or if neglect or abuse is suspected

Guardianship matters are complex cases. Attorney Parvin brings financial experts to the table to gain a complete picture of the financial dealings that have occurred during the period of guardianship or before.

Litigation or Mediation to Resolve Conflict

You have options in the method you use to resolve a conflict. When it’s a family matter and people have good will toward one another, it’s often best to first try to resolve the conflict using mediation. Results can often be achieved quickly and cost-effectively.

Chris has worked effectively in both venues – courtroom litigation and mediation. Call our office to schedule a consultation. He can help you decide how best to move forward. Call (469) 607-4500.