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Parvin Law Group, P.C. is known for its thoughtful approach to protecting what matters in life. Our Dallas, Texas law firm handles numerous legal matters under estate planning, probate, guardianship, litigation, and business law. Our skillful, experienced team is well-equipt to handle any case- whether it requires compassion and care or aggressive defending. 


The Parvin Law team takes pride in our relationships with attorneys and law firms throughout the state of Texas. We do our best to provide referrals from our trusted legal network for matters or legal situations outside of our primary practice areas. If we are unable to accept your case, we will do our best to provide resources or refer you to a better-suited solution.


Because our boutique law firm in Downtown Dallas delivers superior service, we aim to offer our absolute best efforts to every case and client we handle. If you’re considering entrusting our team with your legal situation, we recommend scheduling a consultation to get to know our attorneys. To speak with one of our attorneys to discuss how we can work with you and your distinct budget to provide the representation you deserve, call us at (214) 974-8940 or fill out our form today.

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