Trade Secret Litigation


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In Texas, business is booming.  For years, Texas has enjoyed one of the strongest, most resilient economies in the United States. Thousands upon thousands of businesses are started in Texas annually.

Your business “know-how” is important and a vital key in providing you a competitive advantage. Occasionally, competitors or employees try to make off with important trade secrets to start their own businesses. In many cases, this is illegal.

Texas law protects your “trade secrets,” a term which is broadly defined.  Trade secrets are the confidential information that provide a company with advantages over competitors.  Trade secrets are governed by the Texas Uniform Trade Secret Act, and are defined as information that has economic value because it is not generally known, and which a company has made reasonable efforts to keep secret.  Examples of trade secrets include:

  • Formulas
  • Patterns
  • Compilations and lists
  • Programs
  • Financial data
  • Business plans
  • Clients
  • Contract terms
  • Pricing strategies and method
  • Processes/methods

As a business, ensuring your trade secrets are safeguarded requires you as a business owner to focus on three items:

  1. Proactive protection with the property agreements
  2. Streamlined processes in identifying potential issues for quick action
  3. The pursuit of available legal remedies when trade secrets are misappropriated, used, or disclosed without authorization

The Parvin Law Group is experienced in providing all facets of Trade Secrets protection to businesses across the State. We provide comprehensive representation to businesses that need to protect their interests and litigate cases involving theft of trade secrets.  Taking the right steps to prevent and address trade secret violations is critical to mitigating disruptions or damage and protecting your business’s edge in the marketplace.

We are experienced in litigation big and small, including complex matters involving multiple parties in commercial litigation. Firm litigation clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and professionals (attorneys, physicians, and business owners).