war  Every day across America, lawyers fight for the rights of their clients. Whether in the courtroom or boardroom, our firm is no exception. We use every ethical tactic available to make sure our clients are well-served and protected. Through our expertise and passion, we will devote all of our efforts to making sure our clients come out ahead. We don’t break the rules (we don’t even bend the rules) but focus all of our experience and knowledge on taking the high road and ethically winning the war. Here are just a few examples of our fights: 

Will Contest: Probate Dispute Turns Ugly with Step-Mother. Our client was the adult child of a senior citizen who had been married multiple times. At the time of his death, his wife of only a few months claimed the decedent recently changed his long-time estate plan and executed a new Last Will and Testament that would give everything to her instead of his children. Examination of the new Will revealed it was a fill-in-the-blank document from the internet with a very questionable signature. Assuming it was a forgery, our firm fought for the children’s rights until they ended up with the vast majority of the deceased man’s estate.

Unethical Lawyer Sued for Stealing Client Money. Not all lawyers are out for the good of their clients. Senior citizen client who was suffering from multiple illnesses hired a lawyer to recover money from a family member who refused to give it back. Crooked lawyer gets money and then doesn’t return it to Client. Our firm hired by senior citizen to fight to recover her money from the dishonest lawyer. After a lengthy court battle, dishonest lawyer resigns his law license. Client unable to recovery money (as it was gone) but through her dedication and lawyer’s work, prevents crooked lawyer from hurting other vulnerable clients.

Guardianship Dispute with Step-Children. Throughout final years, client takes good care of her ailing husband of several decades. Because of worsening dementia, client forced to seek assistance with husband through admission to a memory-care unit of assisted living facility. Step-children disagree with Client decision and file lawsuit against memory care unit demanding patient be released. Temporary guardianship turns into an application for permanent guardianship by Client. Adult children restrained under a temporary restraining order.

No matter the fight, we are ready. Our firm will work tirelessly to find peaceful, collaborative solutions for the good of the parties when possible. If not, rest assured that we are always ready for the fight. Call us today if you’re in a fight. Our consultations are free.