Your Corporate Counsel

Corporate General Counsel for Texas Businesses

Many large companies have the benefit of a team of in-house lawyers to draft contracts, review agreements, ensure legal requirements are adequately respected. Give your business the benefit of an experienced, smart lawyer who can provide you with fast, cost-friendly service when you need it. Our firm is the corporate counsel of choice for many Texas small and mid-sized businesses and can assist yours without the high cost or inefficiency of a large law firm.

Our Dallas lawyers work with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. We have worked with hundreds of businesses including restaurants, construction companies, tire companies, sign manufacturers, franchise opportunities, personal investment companies, law firms (yes, other law firms have hired us as their counsel), financial services professionals, etc. We will ensure you understand the legal implications of your business opportunities and have all the information necessary to make the right decisions. Call us today for more information about how we can serve your company on either a one-time basis or on-going basis.

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